• Our Origin

  • We, the Rathods of Khambra originally are kshatriyas moved from Rajasthan into Saurastra in early 7th century and later along with a major group entered Kutch in the  12th century and established ourselves at a village called Dhaneti.

  • Later, from 12th century onwards the group moved on to settle between Anjar and Bhuj which resulted in formation of 18 villages and Khambra being one of them. These group of warriors were also highly talented architects and they immensely involved in construction and erection of various historical monuments in kutch region. In fact, most of the monuments documented were built by these Gujar Kshatriyas untill late 1890 and we were labelled as "Mistris" and even after  many centuries, this "Mistry or Kadias" tag still remained with us and we are now known as "Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya Samaj" also as Mistry community of kutch region.

  • Our village Khambra is located about 8 kilometres from the major town "Anjar" and there are many prominent persons who hail from this great village, have made it big during the British rule especially in railway contruction during the years from 1854-1920.


  • Our Glory

    During the boom period of railway contruction from 1854-1920 under British rule many noted and highly skilled people of Khambra ventured into infrastructure construction and pioneered. The most famous and respected names are Ranchod Pachhan Rathod of Khambra was instrumental in laying the India's first railway line between Bori Bunder and Thane. His pioneering efforts in 1852 inspired many great names to explore and venture into this field. Another great name is Lira Raja Rathor from Khambra is well known for the construction of Howrah Bridge and many monuments in Kolkata. They all make us proud for their highly intellectual skills and vision.

  • There are many respected sons who hail from this tiny but great Khambra Village like Raghuveer Chauhan, Rachhod Daya, Nanji Nondha, Ramji Bhimji, Lalaji Veera, Khimji Nanji, Hardass Khimji, Vishram Raja, Khengar Nanji, Triku Jutha, Trikamji Punja, Govind Mulji, Karsan Khengar and many others, all made it big.
    Khambra salutes all these great sons of our soil.   

  • About Us


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    Shri But Bhavani Mata
     Shri Brahmani Mata
     Shri Chamunda Mata


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    Kush   (Luv-Kush siblings of Shri Ram)