• News

    • Our website is launched to bring awareness about our ever-blessing "Shri But Bhavani Maa "and our great ancestral village "Khambra" in Kutch.

      We are also bringing out an All-India address and Telephone directory of "The Rathods of Khambra" which will be available with our gothi brothers in Khambra, Gandhidham, Raipur, Kalyan and Bangalore. You can contact them and have this directory soon.

      We might have missed few of our Rathod brothers who are not listed in this directory, but this is just the beginning, your details will be proudly included in our next edition of this directory, but all your details can be immediately included in our website. So please send us your details if your name is not listed.  


    • Events

    • Once in every 3 years, a special function is organised by our gothi brothers at Shri But Bhavani Mata temple in Khambra. All important activities like Samu-Kar, Cheda-Chedi , Nived and Samu-havan are performed.  All the Rathods of Khambra are invited to attend this magnificent event and take the blessing of our ever generous Mataji Shri But Bhavani

      Another important event is the get-together of all our gothi brothers of khambra held during this occasion. All the arrangement of your accommodation and food is taken care by our Rathods of khambra and with active participation from Shri Ladhubhai J Rathod and Shri Harshuk Bhai Rathod who have been conducting this event regularly.

      Please do visit khambra with all your family members and take part in this important event and carry home the blessings of our ever kind and caring Shri But Bhavani Mataji our family deity.

      Our Temple in Khambra

      As all of us know, our Mataji's  temple in khambra was damaged during the earth-quake which completely destroyed our ancestral village and the Kutch region. The temple was re-built with all basic facilities and most of us visit regularly to perform our rituals.

      Now, we are preparing a facelift of the temple with all the facilities and the work is in progress. Few Rathod brothers have come forward to take up this task and make our temple the most beautiful and attractive temple of our community.

      If you wish to be a part of this great cause, then you can contact our temple committee for your contribution.