• Welcome to "Khambra"

     We the "Rathods of Khambra" are very proud of our past legacy and our ancestors who migrated from Rajasthan to Kutch, over-coming all the hardships,  unimaginable situations and undesirable conditions.

    Our forefathers have immensely contributed for the upliftment and development of our K.G.K Samaj and our Country in various fields and walks of our society. There are many great personalities from our Khambra who have also contributed for the development of India, in the field of Construction, Mining and Railways and have earned respectable position and admirations from the Government.

    Today "Rathods of Khambra" have established themselves as one of the most important community in contribution and development of our KGK Samaj.

    Our vision and our rich tradition makes us one of the most respected community of KGK Samaj and our Kutch region. It is a pride moment for all our us to be known as "Rathods of Khambra"